Our goal is to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all aspects of the patient payment process.
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Why use Encrypted Card readers ?

It protects card data at the point of entry, which eliminates the possibility of someone putting sniffer software to view data coming through the card reader in the clear. Merchant environments should always have anti-virus and up to date firewalls, but if someone were to hijack the data in flight, with encryption, there is nothing to see.

A great example of where P2PE (point to point encryption) likely would have prevented an issue was in the large breach last year of the "bullseye" retailer.. Malware was in the store environment which scraped the clients RAM before the card data could be encrypted for transport. If the card data was encrypted at the time it left the Hypercom terminal and was sent to the PC, the data that was stolen would have been useless.

By implementing P2PE and tokenization, you are technically lock down as many payments related aspects of the practice as is possible, which reduces the practice's PCI scope tremendously. This is a very clear marketing point. Not only are you protecting from A/R related losses (the value proposition of the PatientPayPro's platform), but you are also protecting their practice from a costly breach.