Our goal is to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for all aspects of the patient payment process.
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Managing your Patient Responsibility Payments

The Growing Problem: Patient Payment Responsibility

Patient payment responsibility has risen dramatically over the last few years and will continue to increase due to the Affordable Care Act. With today’s higher deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance amounts, 30% or more of a provider organization’s potential revenue may come directly from patients.

Practices can no longer afford to “sit back and wait” for the patient to get around to paying their invoice. With higher out of pocket patient responsibility, the recovery rate is beginning to shrink dramatically.

Getting reimbursed for the patient responsibility is the most important thing that will affect your day to day revenue. Your practice can not afford to wait any longer. Patient Pay Pros's solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments.

It’s Time to Take a More Proactive Approach to Patient Payments.

As consumers, patients increasingly expect transparent billing and convenient payment options. Connecting with your patients before they ever leave the office and receive a bill, makes it easier because they have an idea of what is due and they understand their payment options. Armed with this information, patients are more likely to take care of their payment responsibility at the time of service.

Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle

Patient Pay Pros accelerates your cash flow and increases revenue for your healthcare organizations.

  • Reduces expenses – No longer have to pay for statement processing or use staff’s valuable time calling to collect monies due.
  • Stop manually posting payments to your accounting system simply upload a daily transaction file and let it do work.
  • Convert paper checks to eChecks - reduce deposit processing and trips to the bank.
  • Stronger reimbursement on patient responsibility because you are collecting at the time of service or setting up a payment plan.
  • Builds patient satisfaction by providing transparency which will increase trust.
  • Physicians groups and facilities generally see 100% return on investment (ROI) within months.
  • Builds patient loyalty by providing clarity of communications and increasing trust over time. Patients who are highly satisfied with your billing are twice as likely to return.
  • Patient Pay Pros enables you to achieve increased referrals through a streamlined billing process. Over 80% of patients who are satisfied with their billing experience are likely to recommend your organization to their friends.
  • Patient Pay Pros streamlines the patient pay process so your billing team can focus on what they do best – bill insurance claims.

Repair your bottom line. Cut costs. Discover new revenue streams.

You deserve more from your revenue cycle. 

Contact Patient Pay Pros 877-882-7221 today to learn how you can expedite payment responsibility payments which will lead to a better overall experience for your patients.